The Historian/Archivist maintains the Archive of the Society which comprises:

  • Standing Rules
  • Guidelines
  • Committee and General Business Meetings
  • Scientific Meetings
  • Newsletters and Information Bulletins
  • Membership lists
  • Accounts/Treasurer's Reports
  • Nominating Committee
  • Liaisons with other societies
  • J. Neurochem. Editorial Board
  • Transfer of the Journal from Pergamon to Raven Press (subsequently Lippincott), and then to Blackwell Science
  • Photographs and memorabilia
  • History of ISN
  • Correspondence on the archive
  • Miscellaneous

Material in most of the above categories is supplied to the Archive by officers of the Society but other members are invited to submit, for example, photographs, obituaries of neurochemists and biographical and historical articles of an appropriate nature that they may have published.

The Historian/Archivist also promotes interest in the history of both the Society and of neurochemical topics in general by organising historical sessions at ISN meetings and by other activities. He welcomes suggestions from members.

Frode Fonnum
Department of Biochemistry
PB 1112 Blindern
0317 Oslo

Tel: 47 22 85 11 19
Fax: 47 22 85 10 58