ISN is offering young ISN members a new and exciting opportunity to present their research results as a talk at Young Members’ Symposia (YMS) at the 2017 ISN-ESN meeting in Paris, France (20-24 August). Ten (10) young ISN members will be selected for ISN-YMS and will feature in the high quality scientific program.

Young ISN members (who are in the last years of their PhD or who finished their PhD in 2014 or later), are invited to apply to give a symposium talk. The chosen members will receive substantial financial support to cover expenses for registration, accommodation and travel to Paris.

To apply you must:

- Be an active ISN member – check your membership status

- Register to attend the 2017 ISN-ESN Meeting (free registration is available for successful applicants. If you are unsuccessful you will be invited for paid registration)

- Submit an abstract on the presentation that you would like to give in Paris

- Complete your online application which can be accessed via the members’ area of your My ISN account. You will be asked to upload your CV and a supporting letter from your PhD/Postdoc supervisor and to include also reference information on up to 5 of your publications.


Deadline for applications for the ISN-YMS is February 28, 2017.

Important: ESN also offers ten (10) young ESN members participation in the ESN-YMS (see or contact ESN Secretary Dr Natalia Nalivaeva at for further details of the application procedure). Please note that young ESN members who have renewed their ISN membership can apply either for the ESN-YMS or for the ISN-YMS. Double applications of young ESN members for both ISN-YMS and ESN-YMS will not be considered for either of the two YMS.

Deadline for applications for the ESN-YMS is February 28, 2017.