MEETING - “VI Neurotoxicity Society Meeting: Mechanisms of neurodegenerative disorders”

City/Country:Valdivia, Chile
Date: March 21-24, 2013.
: Valdivia

The meeting will take place in Valdivia that is located 700 km south of Santiago. Valdivia, the City of Rivers, was founded by Pedro de Valdivia in 1522. Taking advantage of the harbor, the rivers and the strategic location for ships rounding Cape Horn or navigating the Strait of Magellan on the route to Lima and the Viceroyalty of Peru, the founding fathers were pleased to find the area rich in timber and gold. Valdivia became an important port known as the La Perla del Sur, Southern Pearl, and an enviable asset of the Spanish crown. To protect Valdivia and Bahía de Corral, Spanish forces began building a fort in 1645, constructing the castles at Mancera, Corral, Niebla, Amargos and Cruces, and among others, the forts of San Carlos and El Molino. Valdivia became the most heavily fortified port in the Spanish colonies.
Airport: The airport I located in Valdivia and is very close to the hotels (

Participants: The meeting is open to all participants.

Official language: English

Meeting composition: conferences, presentations, and poster sessions.

Posters: 130 x 130 cm should be set up March 21 . The posters will be divided in different sessions and the author of the poster should present the poster during the guided poster session.

Guided Poster Sessions: The chair of the poster session will lead a guided tour around the poster with all the session participants and other participants.

Secretariat e- mail: jsegura@med. uchile. cl

Registration: The registration will be open from August 2012 in NTS webpage:
Academic Participants: 400 US$ (late registration 500 US$)
Participants from Pharmaceutical Industry: 600 US$ (late
registration 800 US$)
Member of Neurotoxicity Society: 300 US$
Students 50 US$ (late registration 70 US$).
Students Members of Neurotoxicity Society: (25 US$).

Social program:
Welcome reception (March 20, 20.00 h.)
Gala Dinner (March 23, 20.30 h)
River tour around Valdivia including lunch (price will be announced soon) (March 22, afternoon).

Registration: January 15, 2013
Hotel booking: September 1, 2012
Abstracts submission: January 15, 2013
Late registration until March 21, 2013
Manuscript (invited speakers) March 21, 2013

The abstracts book and invited speakers manuscript will be published in NTS official journal “Neurotoxicity Research”

Commercial exhibitions of Pharmaceutical Companies will
be close to the lecture hall and the same place that coffee
will be served. This is a very good possibility to present
yours products to a wide group composed of basic and
clinical scientist. The rate for renting space is 2000 US$.

Hotel Diego de Almagro
Hotel strategically located in the Ribera del Rio Street and steps of the center, offers everything for the convenience of business executive and tourists. More information can be found in;lang=es


SYMPOSIUM 1: ISN-SYMPOSIUM Neurochemical mechanism in neurodegeneration in Parkinson's disease
Schapira AH,(UK) New developments in the aetiology and pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease
Moussa Youdim,(Isarael) Neurorestorative Multi Target Anti Parkinson drugs; An Alternative to Stem Cells Therapy
Elaine A. Del Bel (Brazil) Levodopa-induced dyskinesia in hemiparkinsonian rats: modulation of the cellular changes in the striatum by nitric oxide synthase inhibition
Rosario Moratalla, (Spain) Synaptic plasticity of denervated striatal neurons in Parkinson disease
Micaela Morelli (Italia) "Adenosinergic target in the control of motor behavior and neurotoxicity in Parkinson's disease"
Rolf Heumann, (Germany) Intracellular neuronal signalling mechanisms in Parkinson disease models
Wojciech Danysz, (Germany) mGluR5 receptors in Parkinson´s disease: perspectives and recent findings
Federico Dajas, (Uruguay) Striatal plasticity vs S. Nigra neuroprotection in experimental Parkinson.

SYMPOSIUM 2: Dopamine oxidation and neuromelanin
Juan Segura-Aguilar (Chile) Aminochrome a new preclinical model for Parkinson's disease
Irmgard Paris (Chile) Studies on the role of aminochrome on cytoskeleton
Luigi Zecca, (Iatly) Neuromelanin organelles and autophagy in brain aging
Alexandra Napolitano, (Italy) Oxidation chemistry of catecholamines : tracking neurotoxicity pathways by a biomimetic approach

SYMPOSIUM 3: Protein aggregation and autophagy
Natalia Ninkina, (UK) Selective effect of gamma-carbolines on various types of proteinopathies (AD, PD, ALS)
Anthony R. White (Australia) Kinase control of protein aggregation and neurotoxicity in motor neuron
Claudio Hetz, (Chile) Targeting the UPR transcription factor XBP1 protects against Huntington’s disease through the regulation of FoxO1 and autophagy
Benjamin Dehay, (France) Loss of PARK9/ATP13A2 function induces cell death through general lysosomal deficiency: implications for Parkinson’s disease
Fuentes Jose Manuel (Spain) The LRRK2 G2019S mutant exacerbates basal autophagy and sensitises cells against a neurotoxin related to Parkinson’s disease

SYMPOSIUM 4: Neurodegeneration
Andrew Tasker,(Canada) Molecular determinants of delayed-onset neurological disease originating during brain development
Sandra Ceccatelli (Sweden) Developmental exposure to excess glucocorticoids induces long-lasting effects at cellular and behavioral levels.
Rainer K.W. Schwarting (Germany) Effects of neurotoxic lesions on sequential learning and performance in rats
Dora Reglodi, (Hungary) Excitotoxicity in the rat retina and possible therapeutic interventions
Cornelis J. Van der Schyf, (USA) Axonopathy in Retinal Neurodegeneration: Seeing past the eye",

SYMPOSIUM 5: Neurodegeneration & Alzheimer
G. William Rebeck. (USA) Early effects of APOE predisposing to Alzheimer's disease."
Xin-Fu Zhou (Australia) Roles of sortilin in APP trafficking and processing.
Harry Steinbusch, (The netherlands) Morphological basis of neural plasticity in normal animals and animals with neurodegenerative and neuroinflammatory diseases. Possible mechanistic interrelationships between depression – Alzheimer disease.
Chris Parsons (Germany) Aß as a target for drug development for Alzhemer´s disease
Rommy Von Bernhardi (Chile) Participation of Scavenger Receptor A in the inflammatory activation of glial cells: a potential target for therapeutic intervention in Alzheimer’s disease

SYMPOSIUM 6: Neurodegeneration in ALS, HIV & drug abuse
Italo Moccheti (USA) Axonal degeneration, a new mechanism of HIV neurotoxicity
Peter S. Spencer, (USA) Western Pacific ALS-PDC: the Rosetta Stone of Neurodegenerative Diseases.”
Richelle A. Hemendinger (USA) Neuorotoxins in Amytophic Lateral Sclerosis”.
Alicia Brusco, (Argentina) "Cannabinoids: neurotoxics, neuroprotectors or neurorepairers?"
Jean lud Cadet, Transcriptional and epigenetic effects of chronic methamphetamine administration.
Pablo Caviedes (Chile) Role of over expressed Rcan1 in altered voltage dependent Calcium currents in a neuronal cell line derived from the Ts16 mouse model of Down syndrome.

SYMPOSIUM 7: Neuroprotection
Julie Andersen, (USA) natural products as novel therapeutics for neurodegenerative disease
Lucyna Antkiew (Poland) 1Methyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinoline, an endogenous amine with unexpected mechanism of action: a new vistas of therapeutic application"
Yousef Tizabi,(USA) novel insights into neuroprotection by natural and synthetic compounds
Maria-Grazia Martinoli, (Canada) Protective effects of natural anti-oxidant molecules in neurodegenerative mechanisms
Nibaldo Inestrosa (Chile) Role of Natural Protection in Synapse Neuroprotection.

SYMPOSIUM 8: Neurodegeneration in perinatal models
Mark A. Geyer, (USA) Neurotoxic contributions of perinatal insults to the development of psychotic disorders"
Miriam Virgolini, (Argentina) Participation of brain catalase in the motivational properties of ethanol in perinatally low-level lead exposed rats,"
Marta Antonelli, (Argentina) Gestational stress impairs the neuroendocrine response in male offsprings".
Mario Herrera-Marschitz, (Chile) Asphyxia at birth increases the vulnerability to postnatal metabolic insults

SYMPOSIUM 9: Neurotoxins and models
Peter Jener, (UK) Using toxins to study neurodegenerative disease'.
Wladimir Buchman, (UK) New models for studying molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in pathogenesis of movement disorders
Gilles Guillemin, (Australia) Quinolinic acid the inescapable neurotoxin
Andreas Támas, (Hungary) Examination of kanamycin induced ototoxicity in wild type and PACAP KO animals.
Richard Kostrzewa (USA) The Dopamine D2 Agonist Quinpirole as a non-Neurodegenerative Neurotoxin

SYMPOSIUM 10:Neurodegeneration & glia cells
Arne Schousboe, (Denmark) Adrenergic Regulation of Astrocytic Energy Metabolism and its Role in Glutamatergic Neurotransmission".
James O Olopade (Nigeria) Gene expression alteration in oligodendrocytes exposed to Vanadium
Kathleen Maguire-Zeiss (USA) Microglial Activation and Neurodegeneration"
Felipe Barros (Chile) Metabolic cross-talk between neurons and astrocytes
Silvia Costas, (Brazil) Understanding the role of astrocytes on metabolism and neurotoxicity of pyrrolizidine alkaloid monocrotaline, the main toxin from Crotalaria retusa

SYMPOSIUM 11: Neurodegeneration and metals
Carla Marcheti, (Italy) Direct interaction of metals with the NMDA receptor channel: a role in neurodegeneration?"
Michael Aschner, (USA) Manganese neurotoxicity and mechanisms of neuroprotection"
Jean Harry (USA)Dissecting the M1/M2 responses associated with resident microglia activation.

This Meeting is supported by:
The Company of Biologists
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Neurodegeneration and Neuroprotection

Place: Ester Island, Chile
Date: March 17-19, 2013
Depart Airport: SCL, Santiago
Participants: The meeting is open to all participants.
Official language: English
Meeting composition: Discussion sessions. The discussions will be record and published in Neurotoxicity Research journal.
Secretariat e- mail:
Academic and Pharmaceutical Industry: 200 US$ (late registration 300 US$)
NTS Member: 100 US$
Registration: September 30, 2012
Accommodation in Easter Island and travel cost with LAN airlines: In July we will get a price for March 2013, but now the price is 1300 USD for hotel, transport from and to airport, tours around the island and flight with LAN airlines.