The malleable brainplasticity of neural circuits and behaviour

Alpbach, Austria
September 12th – 18th 2016

The International Society of Neurochemistry (ISN) and the Journal of Neurochemistry (JNC) are very pleased to announce that the first ISN-JNC Flagship School took place on 12 – 18 September, 2016 in Alpbach, Austria.

The ISN-JNC Flagship School is a unique, quality educational event bringing together around 40 young scientists  (PhD students and young post-docs) from around the world with high-ranked international speakers for one week to take part in scientific lectures, discussions, and poster presentations.

Please note that the application is only open to PhD students with at least one year of lab experience and to post-docs who finished their doctoral degree in 2013 or later.
Click here for The ISN-JNC Flagship School guidelines



Poster presentations

Flagship Awardees

Prof. Tobias Bonhoeffer, Germany
Prof. Barry Dickson, USA
Prof. Graeme Davis, USA
Prof. Florian Engert, USA
Prof. Loren Frank, USA
Prof. Gilles Laurent , Germany
Prof. Kelsey Martin, USA
Prof. Bence Ölveczky, USA
Prof. Erin Schuman, Germany
Prof. Reza Shadmehr, USA
Prof. Joshua Trachtenberg, USA
Prof. Glenn Turner, USA
Prof. Gina Turrigiano, USA


This new initiative of the ISN and its journal JNC aims at advanced state-of-the art education of young neuroscience researchers who will be selected through a competitive process and is supposed to become a biennial „flagship“ of the global educational program of ISN. Thus, the most distinguished researchers in the field  are invited to present and discuss recent breakthroughs and future directions in neuroscience. 

The first ISN-JNC Flagship School will cover basic molecular and cell biology of synaptic plasticity, motor learning and associative learning in simple systems, critical periods and developmental plasticity, navigation, birdsong, language learning, pathological consequences and societal implications in medicine and education.