Category 1A provides funds (up to $4,000 US dollars) to allow the applicant to develop new technical or conceptual expertise for implementation in the applicant's research program (and possibly their home institute's) upon return to the home institution. Support may be applied to travel, accommodation and insurance. It is expected that funds for laboratory expenses will be provided by the host laboratory. This category is primarily intended for Ph.D. students (typically in the mid to latter part of their candidature) and early career researchers.

The applicant should complete the application form (below) which requests:
1) Letter of support from the applicant's home institution
2) Letter of support from the principal investigator of the proposed host laboratory
3) Short description of the project, including the expected benefit to the applicant and their institution
4) Curriculum vitae information
5) Information on other external funds made available/requested for the same purpose including those requested from local sources. Applicants are encouraged to actively seek additional sources of support, particularly from the receiving laboratory

Upon approval of an application:
- Awardee must confirm the dates of travel with the host lab and inform ISN Secretariat
- Upon receiving the required confirmation, ISN Society will release the funds
- The full amount will be paid directly to the Awardee, to their individual account;
Only CAEN awardees who have renewed their membership for the current year are eligible to receive the financial support.
- Any changes to the host laboratory or significant changes to the project require the prior approval of the CAEN Chair before funds can be expended

Upon completion of the visit, the awardee must provide a full report (including a photograph of the awardee in the host laboratory) indicating the outcome and benefit derived from the award. A report must be submitted within two months of awardee completing their visit. The full report must be endorsed with a letter from the principal investigator of the host laboratory. The remainder of the financial support, if any, will be transferred to the awardee upon approval of the scientific report. Awardees are expected to acknowledge ISN in any publications resulting from the funded activity.

Awards will generally be in the range of 1,000 - $4,000 (US dollars).

Application Form Category 1A - click here

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