Category 1B provides funds (up to $5,000 US dollars) that are primarily intended for independent, early career investigators, to purchase research supplies for a specified project. PhD students are NOT eligible for this category. The funds CANNOT be spent on travel or conference related expenses.

The applicant (normally young independent investigators, NOT PhD students) should complete the application form (below) which requests:
1) Brief description of the research project and its significance
2) Detailed budget of how the requested funds will be spent
3) Curriculum vitae information
4) Letter of support for the proposed research from the applicant's Departmental Chair

Upon approval of an application:
- The full amount will be paid directly to the bank account of the applicant's institution;
- Only CAEN awardees who have renewed their membership for the current year are eligible to receive the financial support
- Financial and research (including a photograph) reports must be submitted within twelve months of receiving the funds
- Institution to agree that no indirect costs/overheads will be charged

Awards will generally be in the range of $500 - $5,000 (US dollars).

Application Form Category 1B - click here

Eligibility Requirements, click here