Category 1C provides funds (up to $10,000 US dollars) to early career researchers who are moving from a postdoctoral position in a developed country to an eligible country, to undertake research in Neurochemistry.

The applicant should complete the application form (below) which requests:
1) The applicant are expected to be towards the end of a postdoctoral fellowship in a developed country and moving to an eligible country. IMPORTANT: APPLICANTS WHO HAVE ALREADY RETURNED TO THEIR RETURN HOME COUNTRY ARE INELIGIBLE TO APPLY. However, they can return home between submitting the application form and receiving the grant funds. (Note: If you have already returned home then you are eligible for the CAEN Category 1B grants which offer a source of funds for research supplies up to $5,000 US dollars.)
2) At the time of application, candidates are not required to have a commitment of a position and laboratory space but they need to have a support from the Departmental Chair where they would be initiating their activities.
3) The applicant must be a current member of the ISN or be in the process of becoming one at the time of application.

The Category 1C application form (below) requests:
1) Brief description of the research project and its significance
2) Detailed budget of how the requested funds will be spent
3) Curriculum vitae information
4) Letter of support from the applicant's proposed Departmental Chair
5) Letter of recommendation from the applicant's laboratory in the developed country

Upon approval of an application:
- 80% of the amount granted will be transferred to a bank account of the applicant's institution;
- Only CAEN awardees who have renewed their membership for the current year are eligible to receive the financial support.
- Remaining 20% will be released by submitting a full research (including a photograph) and financial report that is approved by the ISN CAEN Chair
- Reports must be submitted within twelve months of receiving the funds
- Institution to agree that no indirect costs/overheads will be charged

Awards will generally be up to 10’000.00 (US dollars).

Application Form Category 1C - click here

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