Category 1D provides funds (up to $10,000 US dollars) to support the return to an active research career of high quality researchers, working in the field of neurochemistry, who have experienced significant career interruptions as a result of childbirth, career responsibilities or a major illness.

This is a highly competitive scheme and applicants must demonstrate an excellent track record in neurochemistry research, and that they were a productive and internationally competitive researcher prior to the career interruption. The funds can be used for research supplies, and/or salary support for the researcher or a staff/student member of their group.

Eligibility Criteria:
The career interruption would generally be of the order of approximately 12 months or longer, although other timeframes of interruption will be considered (i.e. regular interruptions over a number of years).Applicants need to demonstrate how the career interruption impacted upon their research (i.e. loss of funding, loss of position/lab members, significant decrease in productivity, etc). Applicants must be a current ISN member, and have been an ISN member prior to the career interruption.

The Category 1D application form (below) requests:
1) Description of the career interruption and its impact on research output
2) Description of research activities leading up to career interruption
3) Curriculum vitae information
4) Letter from the applicant's Departmental Chair confirming the impact of the career interruption upon the applicant
5) Letter of support from the applicant's current or proposed Departmental Chair confirming the applicant's position in the department and that the necessary laboratory space and infrastructure support will be provided to the applicant
6) Description of the research project to be supported by the funds, and the applicant's career plans
7) Detailed budget describing how the requested funds will be spent

Upon approval of an application:
- 80% of the amount granted will be transferred to a bank account of the applicant's institution;
- ONLY CAEN awardees who have renewed their membership for the current year are eligible to receive the financial support.
- Remaining 20% will be released by submitting a full research (including a photograph) and financial report that is approved by the ISN CAEN Chair
- Reports must be submitted within twelve months of receiving the funds
- Institution to agree that no indirect costs/overheads will be charged

Awards will generally be up to 10’000.00 (US dollars), for one year.

Application Form 1D - click here

Open to every eligible applicant, for more information on Eligibility Requirements, click here