Category 2A provide a limited number of travel awards to attend meetings of the ISN Sister Societies (i.e., ESN, APSN, ASN) when these meetings are not being held jointly with ISN.

1. Applications for travel to ISN biennial meetings or ISN-sponsored schools will not be considered by CAEN since such travel fellowships are reviewed by a separate ISN committee.
2. Applications should be received prior to submission of the meeting abstract. To be eligible for funding, the meeting must not commence within 2 months of a CAEN committee deadline. Acceptance at a meeting does not necessarily imply eligibility for funding.
3. Batch applications will not be accepted. Applications to attend sister society meetings will be judged on their individual merit. Each applicant should apply individually and not through a meeting organizer.
This category is primarily intended for Ph.D. students (typically in the mid to latter part of their candidature) and early career researchers.

The Category 2A application form (below) requests:
1) Name, location and dates of the meeting
2) Letter of support from the applicant's home institution
3) Detailed budget of expenses for which funds are requested
4) Title and type (i.e., oral, poster, etc.) of presentation the applicant will make of their research
5) The expected benefit to the applicant and their institution
6) Curriculum vitae information
7) Letter of acceptance from the meeting organizers

Upon approval of an application:
- A letter of acceptance from the meeting organisers is required before the funds are released
- The full amount will be paid directly to the Awardee, to their individual account;
- ONLY CAEN awardees who have renewed their membership for the current year are eligible to receive the financial support.
- Awardees must provide a photograph of themselves at the relevant meeting attended (must be submitted within two months of awardee completing their visit)

Awards will generally be in the range of $250 - $1,500 (US dollars).

Application Form Category 2A - click here

Eligibility Requirements, click here