Category 2C Grants provide funds towards implementing scientific/educational workshop or small schools in a developing country. It is expected that a significant portion of the funds will be used to towards supporting students and student activities. Applicant(s) will be the principal organizers of the workshop/school.
This category is available to senior scientists and early career researchers but not PhD students.

Eligibility Criteria:
The scientific/educational workshop or small schools must be held in an eligible country. However, the applicant(s) can be from any country.

The Category 2C application form (below) requests:
1) Name, location, dates and organizers of the workshop or school, an outline of the topics to be presented and the speakers/instructors who have agreed to participate
2) Significance of the topic and expected impact of the workshop on the field of research
3) Budget of the total projected costs, and details of any funding being sought from other organizations (all other sources of finance should be clearly stated, indicating in particular whether other ISN committees have been approached for support for the event).
4) Detailed budget of costs to be covered by funds requested from CAEN
5) Summary of the proposed number and countries of origin of the students expected to attend (particularly in the case of schools)
6) Information to show the applicant(s) can run the meeting (i.e. local contacts, use of conference organisers, previous experience of applicant(s) to host a school/workshop)
7) Curriculum vitae information of the applicants(s)

Upon approval of an application:
- 80% of the amount granted will be transferred to a bank account of the applicant's institution, the host's institution, or a designated bank account associated with the meeting. Other arrangements may exceptionally be considered but must be approved in advance by the ISN Treasurer;
- ONLY CAEN awardees who have renewed their membership for the current year are eligible to receive the financial support.
- Transfer to any private bank account is not possible
- The responsible organizer is expected to submit a full report to CAEN chair within one month of the end of the workshop. The report should indicate the outcomes and benefits derived from the funds provided. A list of recipients and the support provided to them must be included
- An official financial report from the host institute or conference organiser
- One photograph of attendees at the relevant workshop or school
- The remaining 20% of the financial support will only be made available and transferred to the conference organizers or chairs upon receipt of the full report and its approval by CAEN

Awards will generally be in the range of $1,000- $6,000 (US dollars).

Application Form Category 2C - click here

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