ISN Helpdesk - Instructions for Photo contest submission

  1. If you already have an ISN account please log into your account. Otherwise setup your own ISN account. Instructions how to setup your ISN account can be found here.
  2. When you have entered your ISN account you please click on 'submissions' in the menu bar and then in the appearing submenue on 'Submit photo contest form'.
  3. You may then immediately open the photo contest form by clicking the 'Submit new photo contest form' link. The already submitted photo contest items are listed here as well and can be changed trough out the submission periode.
  4. On the photo contest form you'll find further instructions and rules that will help you to fill in the form correctly.
  5. You can upload your high quality image file in the section " IMAGE FILE UPLOAD" of the form. Files must be submitted in a high-resolution (300 dpi) .tif (TIFF) or .jpg (JPEG) format.  Minimum acceptable size of each digital image is 2,440 x 3,000 pixels (8" x 10" ). 
    After you have choosen your image file from your harddrive and clicked the " Upload file" button a small window will open showing the upload progress. Be aware that the upload of your file can take several minutes depending on its size.
  6. After you have filled in the form and uploaded your image please submit the form using the " submit" button on the bottom of the form.

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