ISN Satellite meetings are held in conjunction the ISN Biennial meeting and  should fulfil the following criteria:

  • They should be held in close spatial proximity to the place of the main meeting, i.e., in the same country or in neighbouring countries
  • They should take place at a period immediately preceding or following the main meeting
  • As far as topics are concerned they should not compete with the main meeting
  • The organisers of satellites should encourage their participants to also attend the main meeting

Applications for Satellite meetings are accepted during the proposal submission stage and the final decision is made by the Scientific Committee of the main meeting.

2017 Satellite meetings

Immune cells and the central nervous system
Date: 17-19 August 2017
Location:Le Château de Cély, France
Organizer: Dr. Zujovic and Dr. S. Boillée

pic immunecells 2


The Brain in Flux: Genetic, Physiologic, and Therapeutic Perspectives on Transporters in the Nervous System
Date: 25–29 August 2017
Location: Maintenon, France
Organizer: Dr. El Mestikawy and Dr. Randy Blakely

Brain in Flux 2017


Myelin Biology: unraveling functions, mechanisms and therapies
Date: 26–28 August 2017
Location: Island of Embiez on the French Riviera, France
Organizer: Dr. Baron-Van Evercooren
Myelin2017 Glial Neuronal Interactions.jpg2

Past Satellite Meetings

2015 Satellite meetings

2011 Satellite meetings