Successful Applications for Conference Support and for ISN Symposia
Prof: Flavia Gomes, Brazil (Chairperson: August 2015- Present)
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The Committee for Conference Support and for ISN Symposia:
Monica Carson (USA, ex officio)
Kazuhiro Ikenaka (Japan, ex officio)
Ralf Dringen (Germany, ex officio)
Caroline Rae (Australia)
Hermona Soreq (Israel)
Roberto Cappai (Australia)
Doug Feinstein (USA)
Seema Tiwari-Woodruff (USA)
Natalia Nalivaeva (UK)
Christian Gonzalez (Chile)
Kochupurackal Mohanakumar (India)
Marco Prado (Canada)
Francisco Nualart Santander (Chile)

1) Awarded Applications for small conferences on specialized neurochemical topics (maximal USD 20,000)


Advances in molecular and epigenetic mechanisms in neurodegeneration and neuroinflammation. Novel therapeutic approaches - Report & Pictures
Date: 19-20 October 2017
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Organizer: Dr. Agata Adamczyk
International Symposium on metabolic and redox interactions beteween neurons and astrocytes in health and disease - Report
Date: 26-28 June 2017
Location: Salamanca, Spain
Organizer: Dr. Juan Bolanos & Gilles Bonvento
Fourth Biennial Workshop Emerging Concepts of The Neuronal Cytoskeleton - Report & Pictures
Date: 2-6 April 2017
Location: Puerto Varas, Chile
Organizer: Dr. Christian Gonzalez-Billault
The role of glial cells in heatl and disease of the nervous system: clinical and basic science walking together - Report
Date: 12-14 October 2017
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Organizer: Dr. Juana Pasquini
The 13th International Conference of the Society of Neuroscientists of Africa (SONA) - Report
Date: 11-14 June 2017
Location: Entebbe, Uganda
Organizer: Dr. Sadiq Yusuf
DOPAMINE 2016 - Report
Date: 2-9 September 2016
Location: Vienna, Austria
Organizer: Dr. Harald H. Sitte & Matthäus Willeit


2) Awarded Applications for ISN-Symposia in meetings of other scientific societies or groups (maximal USD 7,000)


ISN Symposium on Inflammation and Viral Infecion in the process of neuropathology - Report
Date: 20-24 May, 2017
Location: Florianópolis, Brazil
Organizer: Dr. Jean Harry
ISN Symposium on Autophagy in neurodegeneration: New insights underpinning therapy for neurological diseases - Report
Date: 26-30 March, 2017
Location: Sölden, Austria
Organizer: Dr. Olga Corti
ISN Symposium on Neurochemistry & Cell Surface Macromolecules - Report
Date: 24-28 February, 2017
Location: Punjab, India
Organizer: Dr. Kausik Chattopadhyay
Website: click here
ISN Symposium on translational neuroscience of GPCRs - Report
Date: 27‐30 November 2016
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Organizer: Dr. Meritxell Canals & Dr. Karen Gregory
Date: 07- 10 November 2016
Location: Cordoba; Argentina
Organizer: Dr. Laura Morelli
ISN Symposium on Neural Control of Appetite - From genes to circuits and behaviour - Report
Date: 17-20 October, 2016
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Organizer: Dr. Viviana Florencia Bumaschny
ISN Symposium on “The neurochemical mechanisms of EMF effect on the nervous system and interaction with other forms of environmental pollution” - Report & Programme
Date: 6-9 September, 2016
Location: Armenia, Yerevan
Organizer: Dr. Sinerik Ayrapetyan