The below reports cover the activities of ISN CAEN for the period April 2016 to December 2016.



Caroline Rae, Australia (Chairperson _August 2015-present)
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The Committee for Aid and Education in Neurochemistry (CAEN):
Monica J. Carson (USA, ex officio)
Kazuhiro Ikenaka (Japan, ex officio)
Ralf Dringen (Germany, ex officio)
Flavia Gomes (Brazil)
Shin-Ichi Hisanaga (Japan)
Luis Tovar y Romo (Mexico)
Elena Avale (Argentina)
Jess Nithianantharajah (Australia)
Hiroko Baba (Japan)
James Olopade (Nigeria)
Arturo Ortega (Mexico)
Babette Fuss (USA)
Mike Robinson (USA)
Lasse Bak (Denmark)
Christos Chinopoulos (Hungary)




CATEGORY 1A: Visit by the applicant to another lab

Report by Miss Pamela Adami
Report by Mr. Philip Adeniyi
Report by Mr. Felipe Ribeiro Campos
Report by Dr. Gabriel Olaiya Omotoso
Report by Miss. Rafaella Araújo Gonçalves da Silva
Report by Dr. Francis Olaolorun
Report by Miss. Stella Célio Junqueira
Report by Miss. Marta da Cunha Rodrigues
Report by Mr. Ivan De Luca Domith Gallo


CATEGORY 1B: Research supplies for use in the applicant's home laboratory

Report by Mr. Pablo Barcelona
Report by Dr. Lionel Muller Igaz
Report by Dr. Carla Caruso
Report by Dr. Alberto Morales Camacho
Report by Dr. Ayodeji Ayannuga Olugbenga
Report by Dr. Akash Guatam
Report by Dr. Mussie Hadera


CATEGORY 1C: Return Home Grant

Report by Dr. Pallab Battacharya

CATEGORY 1D: Career Interruption, Re-entry, Grant
Report by Mr. Vieira, Marcelo

CATEGORY 2A: Travel awards for individuals to scientific meetings of ISN Sister Societies


CATEGORY 2B: Support for participation by individuals in scientific workshops/training courses/satellite meetings in developed or developing countries

Picture by Dr. Vishal Jain

CATEGORY 2C: Support for the implementation of scientific/educational Workshops and small schools in a deeloping country